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Need a rice cooker but are tight on budget? You might be surprised to know but thanks to advancements in technology every day that has made it possible to get a good budget rice cooker. Yes, you can buy a good cheap rice cooker for under $20. Say goodbye to the old method of cooking rice on the stove when you can easily get fluffy rice made in minutes by using a rice cooker.

Cheapest Rice Cookers Under $20

Do not let the cheap price tag make you think of the appliance any less. I totally understand many people hesitate to buy such appliances even though they are dirt cheap. But hey, you can easily cover for 20 dollars in your one day’s shift if you’re a student. And these cheap rice cookers are a perfect pick for students living in hostel and dorm rooms.

Not only for dorm rooms but inexpensive, compact rice cookers are great to use on a boat, RV, and in outdoor cooking. And if the machine fails due to overuse, your heart won’t sink looking at its cheap price tag. So why wait any longer?

Best Cheap Rice Cookers

Let us help you find the best cheap rice cooker to make fluffy grains with minimal effort. Below are the best rice cooker picks of 2022 under the bracket of $20.

1) BLACK+DECKER Rice Cooker, 6-cup, White

BLACK+DECKER Rice Cooker, 6-cup, White

A small, budget rice cooker can be a great investment. And this Black+Decker 6-cup rice cooker proves why you need one such small appliance for multiple cooking. The compact yet spacious little unit can prepare anywhere from 1 to 6 cups of rice. Therefore, it is good for personal as well as family use.

There are no complex buttons or programs to set. Instead, the Black+Decker small rice cooker features a single button on the front. All you need to do is press the lever button down to start cooking. And once the cooking cycle is complete, the machine automatically switches to ‘warm’ mode. This helps to keep the grains at an ideal servable temperature.

To ease cleaning after cooking, this Black+Decker appliance features a removable nonstick bowl. You can easily take out the bowl once cooled, and keep it in the dishwasher for effortless cleaning. Besides, the unit comes with a steaming basket, measuring cup, and a spoon that not only helps to make fluffy rice but also eases steaming vegetables.

Our Verdict


  • Ready indicator light to help you get started with the appliance
  • A small steam vent passes steam slowly for better cooking
  • Comes with a durable tempered glass lid that is topped with a cool-touch plastic handle for easy removal
  • Includes a steam basket that fits perfectly into the nonstick bowl. Good for making fish, steamed veggies, and much more
  • The unit also includes a measuring cup and a plastic serving spoon
  • Best rated small rice cooker for daily use


  • There is no off switch so you need to unplug the unit once the cooking is over

Key Features:

  • 300W
  • 6-cup cooked capacity
  • Built-in lid holder
  • Automatic keep warm
  • Indicator lights
  • Weighs 3.76 pounds
  • 2-year limited warranty

2) Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker, Steamer, and Multicooker

Aroma Housewares ARC-363-1NGB 3 Uncooked:6 Cups Cooked Rice Cooker

Aroma is a leading rice cooker brand. You might have heard of its name from your friends or relatives who use a rice cooker for a long time. And if you wish to go with the brand then here’s a perfect budget pick for you. The Aroma 6-cup rice cooker and steamer are good to cook more than just white rice. From soups to steamed veggies, you can do a lot more in a single pot.

People often forget to switch the machine off especially when preparing the rest of the meal. However, you do not have to worry about the bottom of the grains sticking to the pot or burning with Aroma ARC-363-1NGB electric rice cooker as it is a proud member of the ‘set it and forget it’ family. This means the machine automatically switches to keep warm mode once the cooking cycle is over to avoid burning or sticking food to the pan bottom.

Even though being highly inexpensive, the Aroma ARC-363-1NGB comes with several accessories. These include a nonstick inner pot, tempered glass, aluminum steam tray, measuring cup, and a serving spatula. In short, you get all you need to make fluffy rice and various delicious recipes. And all that within a price bracket of $20.

Our Verdict


  • You can cook rice in the pot below while steaming veggies above simultaneously
  • Good unit to make grains, soup, oatmeal, steamed vegetables, and more
  • The unique steam tray accessory allows for perfectly cooked fish, poultry, and much more
  • The BPA-free, nonstick inner pot
  • Includes a tempered glass lid to keep an eye on your food
  • Best affordable rice cooker with steamer


  • Some buyers find the power cord too short for flawless operation
  • Single color option

Key Features:

  • 300W
  • 6-cup capacity(cooked)
  • 1-touch operation
  • Automatic keep warm
  • Analog control
  • Weighs 3 pounds
  • 2-year limited warranty

3) Dash Mini Rice Cooker Steamer with Removable Nonstick Pot

Dash Mini Rice Cooker Steamer with Removable Nonstick Pot

Finding a place to fit a large bulky appliance in small apartments and dorm rooms can be quite challenging. However, you don’t need multiple appliances as long as you’ve one smart unit that can do a lot of cooking. And Dash mini rice cooker steam is one perfect pick for dorms, hostel rooms, small apartments, boats, and RV’s. The compact footprint of the unit saves space while the high functioning component cooks food quickly.

If you’re bored with plain aesthetics then you won’t be disappointed with the overall appearance of Dash compact rice cooker and steamer. It features soft pastel color combined with a matching lid and side handles. Therefore, you can display the unit proudly to your friends and family. Besides, you get several color options to match your kitchen or room decor perfectly.

Just like the above-listed units, Dash mini 2-cup rice cooker also features a one-touch operation. It switches from cook to warm mode as soon as the cooking cycle completes to keep the food at a servable temperature. This function ensures the food does not overheat or overcook even though you forget to switch the machine off after a while.

Our Verdict


  • The cute pastel colors come in white, aqua, pink, light grey, pink, red, and yellow
  • You can make rice bowls, soups, quinoa, and more for 1 person
  • Comes with a removable PFOA-free nonstick coated cooking pot
  • Includes a recipe book that helps you get started with the appliance better
  • US-based customer support
  • Matching lid and mixing paddle
  • Best looking rice cooker for bachelor


  • A little over $20 bracket but you can catch a deal during the sale
  • It might take a few uses to get an idea of measurements

Key Features:

  • 200-watt
  • 2-cup capacity
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Removable pot
  • Weighs 2.79 pounds
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

4) Elite Gourmet ERC-003 Electric Rice Cooker with Automatic Keep Warm

Elite Gourmet ERC-003 Electric Rice Cooker with Automatic Keep Warm

No need to burn a hole in your pocket to enjoy a fluffy rice meal anymore. Get Elite Gourmet ERC-003 electric rice cooker with automatic keep warm and you can enjoy fluffy grains at your convenience. With an impressive cooking capacity of 6 cups, you can prepare a one-pot meal either for yourself or for your small family. Thus, no longer hovering near the stove or frequently checking on water levels with this little champ on your kitchen countertop.

A short cord of such appliances really takes away the joy of cooking. I mean, then you have to adjust the machine in such a way that it stays and functions perfectly. But thanks to the long 36-inch cord of the Elite Gourmet automatic rice cooker that lets you place and cook grains in peace. On the other hand, included measuring cup and spatula takes out the guesswork from the picture.

To make your cooking experience a breeze, the budget rice cooker comes with a removable inner pot with clear markings. These markings help you fill water up to the mark for cooking fluffy grain every time. Whereas, steamer attachment lets you steam meat/vegetables on top while rice is cooking at the bottom.

Our Verdict


  • Cool-touch handles for easy transportation
  • The aluminum cooking pot is completely removable for easy cleaning
  • See-through glass lid to monitor food
  • Includes a steamer attachment
  • Clear water-level markings inside the pot
  • Best white rice cooker for small family use under 20 bucks


  • The cooking pot is not dishwasher safe
  • Comes in white color only

Key Features:

  • 300-watt
  • 6-cup capacity(cooked)
  • Indicator lights
  • Aluminum cooking pot
  • Tempered glass lid
  • Weighs 3 pounds
  • 1-year limited warranty

5) IMUSA USA GAU-00011 Electric Nonstick Rice Cooker

IMUSA USA GAU-00011 Electric Nonstick Rice Cooker

Love rice? Then make it wholeheartedly with Imusa USA electric nonstick rice cooker. It offers a 3-cup uncooked capacity that can make a whopping 6 cups of cooked grains. Thus, enough to serve a small family of 4. Look-wise, the unit might not be the best but it will not fail you when it comes to cooking food. The small yet powerful rice cooker takes way less time than the traditional stove method and also you do not need to keep an eye through the entire process.

Accessories include a spoon, a measuring cup, and a glass lid. All these basic things are all you need for perfect cooking perfect fluffy rice at home. The tempered glass lid with vent lets off the steam slowly and gradually to eliminate bubble formation on top. However, adding a tablespoon of oil or a small slice of butter will also help with excessive foam/bubbles while cooking rice grains.

Our Verdict


  • Easy cleaning with removable nonstick coated pot
  • Clear glass lid with small vent
  • Multipurpose use; you can cook oatmeal, pasta, soup, stews, and much more
  • Energy-efficient – takes less time than the stovetop method
  • Best quality rice cooker for home use


  • No information about warranty
  • Cooking instructions are not up to the mark

Key Features:

  • 300-watt
  • 3-cup capacity(uncooked)
  • See-through lid
  • Nonstick bowl
  • Weighs 2.6 pounds

Are cheap rice cookers worth buying?

If you are holding your thought back only because of the low price tag on the appliance then it’s time to rethink. Earlier, rice cookers were expensive even though they offered basic functionalities. But that’s because they were new in the market and only a limited number of people bought them.

However, now the scenario is completely different. It is common to find such appliances in households and even dorm rooms. And this leads to the invention of cheap rice cookers. So we can confidently say that cheap rice cookers are totally worth buying. They occupy less storage space, cause less mess, and cook up food quickly than stoves. And all these only make them worthy to invest in.

How much rice you can cook in a compact rice cooker?

Despite the compact size, many electric rice cookers offer a whooping 6 cups cooked rice capacity. This is enough to feed a family of 4. Besides rice meals, you can also make soups, stews, and even desserts in the compact cooker. The only thing to take care of is, buy the right model that suits your need the best. It is always good to go 1 size bigger than your need to avoid issues of overflow.

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The Bottom Line

Cook rice easily at anytime, anywhere with a nice budget rice cooker. These appliances have really eased the way to cook grains. Now you no longer need to stand around the gas stove or stir the grains in between. Simply fill in the required amount of water, add in the grains to the pot, and close the lid.

Many of the machines will automatically shift to keep warm mode on completion of the cooking cycle. Thus, you can make a filling rice meal in a snap with the best rice cooker. And now you already know you don’t need a fortune for a good appliance as there are many good rice cookers available in the market within the price bracket of 20 dollars.