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I know how watery the mouth gets as soon as the word fried chicken wings drop into our ears. The crispy texture of wings along and tender meat is simply heavenly. And now you can make the best air-fried chicken wings at home with an electric air fryer. Using an air fryer to make chicken wings is a healthy alternative to deep-fried wings.

Unlike a deep fryer, where you need a basket full of oil for frying, only a tablespoon of oil is required to air fry the wings in an electric fryer. This not only saves oil but also makes the meat more healthy to eat. And the best part is the crispy layer on the meat. This one quality of air fryers is the reason why people love to use them.

But are you air frying chicken wings the right way? If yes, then you already enjoy a crispy layer. But if the layer is not that crisp enough, then you might want to try out some air frying tips and tricks for a crispy texture. Keep reading to know more about air frying chicken wings in an electric fryer.

Air Fryer Crispy Chicken Wings

How to make crispy chicken wings in an air fryer?

Let us admit that we all willingly pay extra at a restaurant for super-crispy chicken wings. But little that you know that you can achieve the extra crispiness using your countertop air fryer. And the best part about making crispy chicken wings at home is, no need for reservations or a long drive to your favorite restaurant(1). And below are a few helpful tips to make super crispy chicken wings in an air fryer.

  • Baking Powder: The easiest way to add extra crisp is to powder baking soda on the wings. Baking powder raises pH levels on the outside that gives a delicious, crispy layer.  Make sure to use an aluminum-free baking powder.
  • PAT PAT PAT!: Air frying wet marinated chicken wings in an electric fryer is a big NO. It doesn’t mean you cannot marinate the wings. Of course, you can. But make sure to pat them dry before adding them to the fryer basket. This one step will help baking powder to stick on the meat skin properly.
  • Watch the Oil: Now see this is the best thing about air fryers. You do not need much oil to cook food. For a crispy layer on wings, only lightly coat the exterior. Cooking spray is best to use with these appliances. However, it is possible to cook completely without oil, making the meat dry and chewy. So it is better to lightly coat the meat with oil, possibly use a cooking spray, for better taste and texture.
  •  Keep a check on Temperature: Air frying temperature is another factor to focus on for an extra-crispy layer. And the best way to achieve soft meat inside and a crispy layer outside is by air frying the wings at medium heat first. Then turn up the heat up to 400°F or above for a perfectly crunchy exterior.
  • Maintain Distance: It is important to keep some space between the wings for the hot air to pass properly. One common mistake of many beginners is they fill up the fryer basket. As a result, the food is undercooked for some sides while some spots are overdone. To avoid such an encounter, simply place the legs/wings one by one on the basket with some space between them.

Recipe That I Love

I have been making chicken wings for quite a while now but the air fryer chicken wing recipe of Natasa’s was really something to talk about.

Her recipe is well balanced and very minimal that will give you a taste of lemon pepper and garlic in every bit of that crispy chicken wings.


What temperature do you air fry chicken wings?

The game of having tender meat with a crispy exterior on your plate is all about time and temperature. And thanks to easy control dials/settings of a digital air fryer that lets you set time and temperature in a snap. While many air fryer brands come with a recipe book that tells you about the right temperature for air frying chicken wings, many models lack such a book(2). But do not worry, here I am to help you with the air-fried chicken wings temperature settings.

The key to a soft texture inside and crispy layer outside is to first cook the chicken wings at medium-high temperature. And after some while, blast the temperature to the highest.

For 2 lbs chicken wings, you should cook them at 375F for 25 minutes. This will help break down the fat under the skin. Also, do not forget to flip the wings halfway for even cooking on both sides. Then set the temperature to 420F or more(if your fryer allows) for another 5-6 minutes(3). This sudden boost of temperature will make the skin brown and crispy.

How many wings can fit in an air fryer?

Air Fryer Wings

The number of wings that you can fit in your air fryer depends on its capacity. For example, a 6-qt fryer with a spacious basket can fit up to 6 mid-size chicken wings at once. Then there are large air fryers that can fit up to 10-12 wings to cook in one go.

Thankfully, these appliances come in various sizes. This means you can pick the best size according to your cooking needs. It is always better to buy a unit 1 size up for a better frying experience.

If you are someone who loves to experiment with air fryer recipes then here are some suggestions you may like to read:


It is rare not to mention air-fried chicken especially when you’re talking about air fryers. It is one of the common and popular air fryer recipes besides french fries. And people who love chicken will definitely like the healthier version of deep-fried chicken wings.

Besides, an air fryer is easy to use and makes our favorite super crispy wings in 30-40 minutes. So instead of taking your car out and drive one way for 30 minutes for your takeaway, make delicious crispy chicken wings at home. Follow the above-mentioned tricks and tips and your chicken wings will be extra-crispy, the way we all love.


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