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Munching on crispy air-fried fries seems so good but did you ever wonder how does an air fryer work. Probably not because you were enjoying the bowl full of crispy air fried chicken wings.

But if you’re here today then it is for sure that you’re interested to learn about the working of an air fryer. Let us go ahead and see how a countertop air fryer does its magic and cooks you crispy fries using very little oil.

How does an air fryer work

How does an air fryer work?

The working mechanism of an air fryer is not complicated at all. Think of it as a mini electric oven with a removable basket.

An air fryer is equipped with a heating element on the top. Above this circular heating element is a fan. As soon as you turn on the machine after setting the temperature and timer, the elements begin to heat. The heating elements of a good electric air fryer reach the set temperature within seconds for quick cooking.

At the same time, the fan above the heating elements starts rotating. As a result, the hot air is forced down to the fryer basket. This continuous circulation of hot air cooks the food. And the best part, the food exterior gets crunchy layer while the inside remains soft.

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What Can You Cook in an Air Fryer?

Air fryers are popular for cooking french fries and chicken wings. But they can do a lot more than that. These countertop appliances can be used for roasting, browning, and even baking desserts. And the best part about cooking in an air fryer is the use of zero to minimal oil. Check out below to see what an electric countertop air fryer is capable of.

  • Cauliflower Tots: Crispy, healthy, and tasteful, air-fried cauliflower tots are a perfect filling replacement for a bag of salty potato chips.
  • Brussel Sprouts: Tired of eating simply salt and pepper Brussel sprouts? Then try roasting/browning them in your countertop air fryer. This will make Brussels soft as well as enhance the flavor.
  • Air fried Steak: Ditch excess oil and make a healthy version of steak by air frying them in your digital air fryer. Pick a steak size that can fit your fryer basket conveniently without much slicing or cutting.
  • Bacon-wrapped Avocado: Try out this fancy dish which is both filling and healthy. Here, you wrap avocado slices with bacon and spray a little cooking oil over them before placing them into the basket.
  • Double Baked Potatoes: Sound strange but you can also bake potatoes in an air fryer. Surprisingly, it takes less time to bake potatoes than your regular convection oven.
  • Brownie: There’s always a room for dessert and your electric air fryer can make you one within minutes. And needless to say but the classic combination of vanilla ice cream on the top of a brownie never fails to satisfy the sweet tooth.
  • Pizza: If you’re among those people whose mouths fill with water as soon as the word ‘pizza’ falls on our ears then consider buying a large fryer. These electric appliances are perfect for baking healthy pizza from scratch.

Above listed recipes were only a few among many, an air fryer can make. From cooking breakfast to a filling dinner, a good quality air fryer is highly versatile.

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Do you put oil in an air fryer?

Advertisers often use the term “zero oil” for marketing an air fryer. But can you really cook without oil in an air fryer? Well, as a matter of fact, you can cook without oil but it is recommended to put a few tablespoons of oil for better cooking. This is because a thin layer of oil prevents the sticking of food onto the fryer basket. In addition to that, little oil also prevents overdrying of food.

If you’re not comfortable brushing chicken wings, fries, or other food with oil then try using a cooking spray. A cooking spray spreads the oil evenly in the basket or food exterior for better cooking.

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Are Air Fryers More Healthy?

Air Fried vs Regular Fried

Air fryers have gained popularity because of low-fat cooking. And if you compare them with deep fryers then obviously, the air fryer will win on the grounds of healthy cooking. This is because they use very little oil. Unlike deep frying, the food coming out from the fryer basket will not contain a high amount of fats or transfats. This gives you the freedom to have a plate full of fries or wings without having to worry about high calories.

However, you must not forget that it is not a good idea to have air-fried food in excess. It doesn’t matter even if you use little oil. At the end of the day, they are all fried food and you must binge eat them. Yes, there is no doubt air-fried are a healthier alternative to deep-fried food. Make sure to consume them within the limit.

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The Bottom Line

After reading about the in-depth working of an air fryer you must be clear how the food cooks inside the appliance. Continuous circulation of hot air can make you your favorite fries using just a tablespoon of oil. And not only fries, now you know that you can make more than just air-fried foods in your countertop air fryer. From healthy breakfast to hot desserts, your digital air fryer is the best option to switch to healthy eating.


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