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Installing a kitchen island is a smart way of increasing storage and preparation space. While many newly-built homes already come with a beautiful kitchen island, you can also install them separately. Thanks to durable and portable kitchen islands available online that allow you to install one in your apartment or home easily.

The beauty of buying a kitchen cart online is there are a lot of options. You can find a unit that blends in perfectly with your existing kitchen decor. Also, a majority of DIY kitchen islands are easy to assemble and offer plenty of storage and food prep space. If you’re planning to redo your kitchen without much change then simply invest in a good quality kitchen island.

As I said already, there are a lot of options available both online and offline. And the more options, the more will the confusion be. In addition to the design of a kitchen island, you should also keep its built-quality and bonus features in mind. Generally, these include towel space and spice rack. A spice rack area is useful for storing your daily use of spices like salt, pepper, rosemary, etc. Instead of opening the drawer, again and again, you can keep the spices in the designated rack of the island for quick access.

Best Kitchen Island with Spice Rack

And, so, below listed are top kitchen island spice racks that are worth an investment for long-term use.

1) Hodedah Kitchen Island with Spice Rack

Hodedah Kitchen Island with Spice Rack

It is okay to feel a bit skeptical about buying a new kitchen island, especially if you’ve never had one. Also, you might not be ready to invest a hefty amount if this is your first time buying it. So, first on the list is the Hodedah kitchen island with a spice and towel rack that is both durable and affordable. Costing under $100, this unit is a perfect choice for first-time buyers. But do not let the low price of the product fool you with its durability as it is indeed a durable product.

The freestanding kitchen island features a spacious cabinet shelf below prep space. This cabinet space is divided into two equal parts with a shelf in between. You can easily readjust the height of the shelf too 3 different positions to store tall jars or other stuff. This enclosed cabinet stays put in position, thanks to the magnetic closure. The doors will not open even if you’re chopping hard ingredients on the workspace above.

In addition to a spacious cabinet, the white kitchen island comprises a towel holder on one side and a spice rack on the another. This multi-purpose spice rack can be used to store spices, small mason jars, etc. A silver rod design of the spice rack keeps the glass bottles secure while providing good visibility to check the remaining quantity of spices.

Our Verdict

What makes Hoodedah HIKF78 worth buying?

  • Overall dimensions: 35″ H x 46.65″ W x 15.5″ D
  • Made of high-quality compressed wood
  • Height adjustable shelve in the enclosed cabinet
  • Smooth metal gliders with a safety stop to prevent the drawer from falling out
  • 4 castor wheels for shifting of the furniture, plus, the castors lock to keep the island in place
  • Its simple yet versatile design is ideal for homes traditional or cottage interiors
  • You get 6 color choices to match it with your existing kitchen decor
  • Best affordable kitchen island under $100 with spice rack

2) Liberty Off-White Kitchen Cart

Homestyles Kitchen Cart with Stainless Steel Metal

Stainless steel countertops are taking over the marble ones in many new homes. It is because they are cost-efficient and easy to maintain. And if your kitchen already features a stainless steel countertop then complete the look of the space with the Liberty Off-white kitchen cart with a stainless steel top. Featuring a 0.8mm thick stainless steel top, the material is well-built for daily use.

While the steel top is great for serving food, the off-white wooden cabinets below offer ample storage space. This cabinet comprises 2 adjustable shelves, making it a perfect space to store breakfast bowls, cutlery, dinner plates, etc. And right next to the cabinet are 3 storage drawers. The good width is to depth ratio of these drawers is ideal for keeping measuring spoons, food thermometer, mini weighing scales, cutlery, etc.

The versatility of this functional kitchen island does not end with a cabinet and 3 drawers. Other features include a towel holder and a spice rack on the sides. The large spice rack area lets you keep up to 5 glass spice bottles. This space is perfect for storing salt, black pepper, oregano, sesame seeds, etc. And hang the frequently used towel on the other side of the unit for quick access.

Our Verdict

Why buy Liberty 4512-95?

  • Features a 0.8 mm thick stainless steel top that acts as a perfect serving station
  • Made of hardwood solids and engineered wood
  • Two adjustable shelves in a single cabinet
  • Brushed nickel finish hardware that blends in perfectly with the off-white color of the kitchen island
  • 2 out of 4 smooth-rolling castors are lockable
  • You can use a power tool to assemble the kitchen island, but make sure the power does not exceed 8 volts
  • 3 storage drawers are perfect for keeping cutlery, measuring spoons, funnels, etc
  • Best stainless steel top kitchen island for storage

3) Dorel Living Kitchen Island, White

Dorel Living Kitchen Island, White

Limited space of small apartments/homes does not allow you to install bulky furniture. It will take up good floor space and make the area look crowded. But that doesn’t mean you cannot have a good quality kitchen island in your small apartment. The Dorel living kitchen island with a wooden top is perfect for small kitchens. Measuring 19 inches wide and 32-inch long, the portable kitchen cart stands freely in limited space without overcrowding.

But do not let the small profile of the unit make you think of it any less as despite its small size it offers ample storage space. This includes an enclosed cabinet, a drawer, a towel holder, and a spice rack. The large space inside the cabinet is divided by an adjustable shelf. This shelf can hold up stuff weighing up to 15 lbs. Thus, perfect for keeping ceramic dinner plates, pots, etc.

Besides, there’s one towel holder on the side of the small kitchen island. And on the opposite side, is a small spice rack. Both the racks can hold up to 5lbs of weight. Therefore, this means you can add mini hooks on the towel holder to hang lightweight tools such as hand whiskers. The sideboards are pre-drilled for convenient towel holders and spice rack installation.

Our Verdict

Highlights of Dorel Living Store DA6545W:

  • The small kitchen island serves as both prep work and entertaining spot
  • Plenty of storage in form of 1 drawer, 1 cupboard, 1 towel, and spice rack
  • Equipped with castor wheels, 2 of which are lockable
  • Ships in a single box with pre-drilled boards for easy installation
  • Measures 32″ L x 19″ W x 35.5″ H
  • The wood top kitchen cart comes in 2 basic colors, White and Natural
  • Both inner shelve and bottom panel offers the weight carrying capacity of up to 15 lbs
  • Best rated portable kitchen island for small apartments

4) Giantex Kitchen Island Cart with Spice Rack and Towel Rack

Giantex Kitchen Island Cart

A large kitchen demands a sizeable island that fits well in the space. And this large kitchen island cart with a drop-leaf tabletop is perfect for large apartments/homes. Measuring 53.5″ long and 30-inch wide, the cart offers abundant space to keeps all extra stuff off your countertop. Equipped with a large enclosed cabinet with 2 shelves, you can store small and large mason jars along with nonstick pans. Plus, both shelves can be adjusted to 3 positions for convenient storage of various items.

The center of attraction is Giantex’s drop-leaf countertop. You can expand the island countertop width to 13 inches by lifting the drop-leaf portion. Use this space as a serving station or breakfast area as it can hold up to 11 lbs of weight. And simply drop it down again to minimize the space. Both the main countertop and drop-leaf section are made of high-quality rubberwood that will last for years of use.

Detailed instruction booklet eases assembly of the large kitchen island cart. However, it is important to note that the package ships in 2 different packages which may arrive on different days. If you’re uncomfortable following written instructions then no need to worry. The company provides a clear and detailed video tutorial on how to assemble the kitchen island cart. Follow the video and you can quickly finish the assembly in one go.

Our Verdict

What makes Giantex GT62951WH+WH worth buying?

  • Unique designed side small bottle rack + a removable towel rack
  • Drawers are equipped with a slide rail for ease of use
  • A spacious cabinet features 2 shelves that can be adjusted to 3 positions to convenient storage
  • Drop-leaf worktop provides extra prep area
  • Premium rubber made wheels moves the modern kitchen cart smoothly without damaging the floor
  • Made of premium MDF material and rubberwood tabletop
  • Magnetic lock closure
  • Best drop-leaf countertop kitchen island for large spaces

5) YAHEETECH Kitchen Cart with Spice Rack

Yaheetech Kitchen Cart with Spice Rack

If you’re not sure where you’ll keep the kitchen island but are sure about buying one then it is good to buy a portable kitchen cart. And here’s a perfect pick for the people who do not wish for a fixed island. The castors on the bottom allow moving the unit freely. Speaking of castors, the unit features four 360° swivel wheels, 2 of which are lockable. These smooth-rolling wheels move the unit without any jerks or kickbacks ensuring the stuff inside remains in place.

The classic design of the Yaheetech kitchen cart is perfect for traditional and farmhouse-style interiors. The dark-colored hardware blends in perfectly with its white exterior. Besides, the unit is finished with a shiny yet durable pinewood countertop that goes easily with existing marble and wooden counters.

Assembling the unit is extremely easy, thanks to the detailed instructions. Yes, there are many pieces to assemble and assembly takes time but all you need to do is follow instructions. Gather all pieces in one place before beginning the assembly a sit will only ease the process.

Our Verdict

Why buy Yaheetech kitchen cart?

  • Features a slide-out drawer under the top and a storage cabinet with a shelf(adjustable)
  • A multi-purpose spice rack can be used to store small spice bottles, mason jars, etc
  • Durable pine wood construction with a water-resistant coating surface
  • The cart top is made of bamboo which is both durable and healthy
  • The unit comes with detailed instructions and tools for flawless assembly
  • Classic, farmhouse-style built up
  • Best portable kitchen cart with bamboo top under $200

How to choose the best kitchen Island with Spice Racks?

Built Material

Quality of construction is important as it determines the life of your furniture. Mostly freestanding kitchen islands are made of wood. The wood is generally MDF, particleboard, or pine wood. Solid pine or hardwood construction will last longer than other types as they are popular furniture-making options.

Storage Space

Additional storage space is one main of the main benefits of having a portable kitchen island. Any model will have an enclosed cabinet or drawer unless you’re buying an open-shelf kitchen cart. If you seek additional storage space then go for a unit that features a cabinet and drawers. This way you’ll get ample space to keep daily use cooking essentials nearby.

Fixed or Wheels

Not sure where you’ll keep your new furniture then it is better to buy a kitchen island with wheels. And thankfully, many leading brands feature smooth-rolling caster wheels on the bottom that gives you the flexibility to move the unit freely. But if you’re sure about furniture location and do not plan to move it anywhere once installed then go for a fixed kitchen island. Or you can simply remove the castors of the unit to turn the portable island into a fixed one.

Spice Rack Size

The spice rack is generally on the side of the unit. The rack size is limited to 4-5 small bottles which are great for home use. You can keep the daily use spices in the rack for quick access. However, certain islands/carts provide large side space to keep spices and mason jars.

Towel Rack (Optional)

A majority of kitchen carts with a spice racks on one side feature a towel holder on the other side. Now, this is good to hang your daily use kitchen towel without interrupting the view of the sink. But it is okay not to fix the holder on the side if you don’t really need it. Many brands give you the option to skip the installation of a towel rack.

How Spice Rack Kitchen Islands Are Helpful?

A spice rack on the side of the kitchen islands is cool to look at. But are they really helpful? The below points will remove the confusion from your mind.

  • The small space is great to keep daily use spices like salt, black pepper, etc. Instead of opening the cabinets or drawers again and again you can easily grab them without making noise.
  • A spice rack helps to declutter countertop space. You can store the small spice bottles on the kitchen island rack that utilizes the space well and at the same time frees up your countertop space.
  • Setting spices on the side rack of the freestanding kitchen island helps to remember the spices you need to add to a dish.
  • Arranging spices on the designated rack will reduce the common mistake of adding salt instead of sugar.
  • And last but not the least, people having breakfast or supper on the island can grab the spices easily to add to the food.

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The Bottom Line

Need some extra storage space to keep your newly bought dinnerware set? Or want some food preparation area as your countertop is full of various appliances? Then it is smart to invest in a good quality kitchen island cart. The cart not only increases prep area but also provides additional storage below.

Plus, there are bonus storage areas for daily use stuff like spices and towels. While you can keep daily used spices in the spice rack, use the towel holder to hang the kitchen towel. And now that you’ve got a list of the best kitchen island with spice racks, pick the one that will increase aesthetics as well as storage space.