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Freeing up countertop space is a challenge. And no matter how many times you empty the space, you’ll end up crowding it again. So there is a list of side accessories that help in the proper placement of countertop items and appliances. And one good idea for freeing up the counter space is by placing a microwave cart.

A microwave cart can be a great addition to your kitchen. Do not go its name as a microwave kitchen cart is not only limited to keeping the appliance. In addition to the microwave, you get additional storage space to keep other accessories, plates, mugs, etc. It’s up to you how you wish to store the items. Before jumping to the kitchen cart reviews let us throw some light on types of microwave carts.

Best Microwave Cart for Kitchen

Types of Microwave Cart

Rolling Cart

A rolling cart has wheels on the bottom that eases transportation. Wheels provide mobility and if you’re not sure where to keep the unit then it is good to buy a microwave cart with wheels. In case any of the wheels breaks or stops working, you can easily find a replacement.

Stand Still Cart

Then the other is a standstill or stationary microwave utility cart. Instead of wheels, there are fixed legs. They are perfect for kitchens with specific areas to keep the cart as then you will not feel the need to move it frequently. However, there is some stand-still kitchen cart that provides an option to install either adjustable legs or castor wheels according to space and convenience.

Now that you have two basic types of kitchen carts let us help you find the perfect microwave storage cart for your space.

1) Mr. IRONSTONE Kitchen Microwave Cart 3-Tier

Mr IRONSTONE Kitchen Microwave Cart 3-Tier

Simple and elegant, Mr. Ironstone’s rolling kitchen cart is perfect for small apartments. It offers 3-tier storage space with each shelve measuring 23.7 inches wide and 15.75 inches deep. Therefore, enough space to store your big microwave.

In addition to that, you get 2 extra wooden shelves of the same size and good weight holding capacity. These shelves are ideal for holding microwave accessories like mitts, plates, mugs, etc. Or you can also store other small kitchen appliances like an electric toaster or kettle.

Rolling casters are the best part about Mr. Ironstone’s 3-tier kitchen utility cart. All 4 smooth-rolling casters allow you to freely move the cart from one to another conveniently. And when you decide the right location for the unit simply lock down two casters and the furniture won’t move any further.

While the shelves are made of high-quality P2 MDF vintage board, the frame is made of sturdy metal. This metal frame is painted black to blend with the vintage-colored boards. Such an aesthetically beautiful unit is perfect not only for kitchen use but it can be kept for the living room, dining room, or home office.

Our Verdict


  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with 10 accessory hooks that hang on the side of the cart to hang pots, pans, cooking tools, etc
  • High-quality P2 MDF boards are healthy and durable
  • Equipped with 4 smooth-rolling coaters that can be detached completely
  • A great budget choice for kitchen, living room, bedroom, and home office
  • 5 color choices
  • Best rolling microwave cart under $100


  • While the top shelf can hold weight up to 55 lbs, the 2nd and 3rd shelves can hold a max of 15 lbs

Key Features:

  • 23.7″ W x 15.75″ D x 28.74″ H
  • 3-tier storage
  • 0.6-in thick board
  • Metal frame
  • 4 detachable wheels
  • Weighs 22.7 pounds

2) Bestier Kitchen Baker’s Rack and Microwave Stand with Wheels

Bestier Kitchen Baker's Rack Utility Storage Shelf Microwave Stand Cart on Wheels

Large families often find it difficult to keep the counter space empty. But if you take your home decor seriously then it is time to install a beautiful and spacious utility microwave cart like Bestier Kitchen. This tall kitchen cart with 4 wooden shelves provides extra storage space to store all minor stuff along with the main appliance.

The company has not told about the weight carrying capacity of each shelf but you can confidently place a microwave on its top wooden shelve. However, the weight limit of lower shelves is not very high so avoid storing anything heavy. These racks are good for keeping plates, pots, pans, etc.

In addition to 3 spacious storage shelves, the Bestier kitchen baker rack on wheels also features a small top wooden shelve. Now this area is perfect for keeping microwave-safe mugs and bowls that can be easily accessed and popped in the appliance. And if you’re planning to place this open hutch-style microwave cart in the dining or bedroom then use the space to decorate the room.

The middle wooden shelf has a pull-out design that makes it convenient for you to access the items. Thus, you don’t have to bend down every time you want to grab something from the back of the shelf.

This tall microwave utility cart can be used with or without wheels. Now, this is excellent for people who are still not sure about the furniture location. Or if the place is already decided, assemble the microwave kitchen cart with fixed legs. You can adjust the legs for better stability.

Our Verdict


  • Made of heavy-duty steel frame and reliable MDF board
  • X-design frame provides solid strength and stability
  • The wooden boards are constructed of healthy chipboard which meets the standard of CARB(California Air Resources Board) P2
  • You get an option to either install adjustable feet or movable wheels on bottom
  • Extra 10 side hooks for hanging spatulas, baking whisk, and other cooking tools
  • Middle shelf with pull-out design can be pulled out conveniently to access items
  • Best microwave oven stand cart with ample storage


  • A bit expensive
  • Weight limit not specified

Key Features:

  • 23.62″L x 17.13″W x 48.62″H
  • 4-tier
  • Pull-out shelf design
  • Premium P2 board
  • X-design frame
  • Weighs 31.5 pounds

3) Soges Multi-Functional Microwave Cart with Storage, White Oak

soges Microwave Cart

It’s time to declutter your countertop by placing Soges multi-functional microwave kitchen cart. This spacious and sturdy unit is simply perfect for people who seek extra space. Soges offer 4-tier+3-tier shelves that can store ample things in reach. From big appliances to everyday cooking pots and pans, Soges multiple storage racks has provision to store all your daily use essentials.

The problem with many other microwave carts on the market is confined space. You can only keep small microwave ovens that fit within the frame. But thanks to the smart design of Soges microwave storage cart that offers a large flat wooden board with no hindrance in between. Thus, you can fit a large microwave oven without any trouble.

Sharp corners of the board are a big no-no especially when you have growing kids at your home. And you do not have to worry about that as Soges workstation cart features rounded corners that are more elegant and safe to use.

Instead of movable wheels, Soges microwave kitchen cart has adjustable foot pads. These foot pads can be adjusted from 1cm to 2cm, thus, stabilizing the unit on uneven floor. Besides, you get 5 hooks for hanging cooking tools like spatulas, spoons, ladles, etc.

Our Verdict


  • Adjustable leg pads with 1-2cm adjustments
  • 5 little hooks to hang everyday cooking tools
  • Small extra storage on top
  • Good after-sale customer service
  • You get 3 color choices, Black, Rustic Brown, and White oak
  • Best extra-large microwave cart with wooden shelves


  • The height of the racks are not adjustable
  • It looks a little tall in pictures, however, it is a bit short than expected

Key Features:

  • 35.4″L x 15.7″W x 51.2″H
  • 4+3-tier shelves
  • Rounded corners
  • X-frame design
  • Adjustable footpads
  • Weighs 30 pounds

4) Hodedah Microwave Cart

Hodedah Import Microwave Cart with One Drawer

Don’t want open storage? Then Hodedah microwave cart with doors is a perfect way of hiding all the other stuff. The contemporary design of this large kitchen cart blends well with modern kitchen interiors. Thus, it is a great way of adding aesthetics to the floor space and increasing the storage area.

Hodedah microwave rolling cart with hutch has an enclosed cabinet with 1 shelf. This enclosed shelf is ideal for keeping plates, coasters, mugs, and small jars. Plus, there’s a drawer ideal for keeping cutlery, a food thermometer, and other small gadgets. In short, you can keep everything within reach.

The best part about the Hodedah kitchen cart is the rolling wheels on the bottom. These heavy-duty casters make it possible to move the large unit easily from one place to another. Plus, the lockable casters lock the unit in position by simply pressing the lever down.

Smooth metal drawer glides with a safety stop lets you access the stuff inside the drawer conveniently. In addition to smooth gliding, the durable metal glide holds a substantial amount of weight from kitchen utensils or small kitchen gadgets.

Our Verdict


  • High-quality wood and metal construction
  • Enclosed cabinet with shelf within to store small stuff
  • Lockable casters give you the option to either move the large cart or simply lock it in place
  • Durable metal gliders
  • Hutch-style unit with designated space of 15.8″H x 23.6″W to keep the microwave oven
  • Best heavy-duty kitchen storage cart with drawer and door


  • Some buyers complained of minor dings and scratches
  • Assembly is a time-consuming process

Key Features:

  • 42″H x 24″W x 17″D
  • 1 drawer & 1 enclosed cabinet
  • 4 heavy-duty casters
  • Metal gliders
  • Weighs 57 pounds

5) Amazon Basics Kitchen Rolling Microwave Cart on Wheels

Amazon Basics Kitchen Storage Microwave Rack Cart

Space will be an ever-lasting issue in small apartments. You can’t even think of getting a large piece of furniture that will occupy much of the floor space. But then there is some smart space-saving furniture like Amazon Basics kitchen rolling microwave cart that not only takes less floor space but provides a great storage area.

Do not let the word small make you think of the product as a teeny tiny one. It measures 21-in long and 15-inch wide which is good enough to keep a microwave oven. Also, The wooden top cart falls almost in level with most kitchen countertops making it convenient to store appliances and other items.

While the wooden top is good for keeping appliances, the two bottom metal shelves are good for storing everyday use items like a small coffee machine, electric toaster, pots, frying pans, etc. Unlike cheap microwave carts, this budget product offers a solid steel construction with a 50-pound capacity on each shelf.

Rolling wheels are the best part of Amazonbasics portable microwave cart. The comparatively large casters make it extremely easy for you to shift the cart from one spot to another. And once the spot is decided, simply press the lever on the wheels down with your foot and the car becomes stationary.

Our Verdict


  • Open cart design eases storage and access to the items
  • Fully adjustable frame; you can move up each shelf up or down by 1-inch
  • Includes chrome accessory hooks for hanging pots, pans, and other utensils
  • Backed by a year’s warranty that is not easy to find in many inexpensive kitchen carts
  • Impressive weight carrying capacity of 2 metal shelves; up to 50 pounds
  • Best budget microwave kitchen cart with wooden top


  • Single color option only
  • Instructions could be more detailed

Key Features:

  • 21″L x 15″W x 36.7″H
  • 3-tier
  • Solid metal frame
  • 2 metal shelves
  • Height adjustable
  • Weighs 25.7 pounds
  • 1-year limited warranty

6) YAHEETECH Kitchen Cart with Spice Rack and Towel Holder

Yaheetech Kitchen Cart

A versatile kitchen cart like Yaheetech can be used as either a microwave storage cart or kitchen island. If you take your kitchen interior very seriously then it is time to make some extra storage space in style. The wooden cart with a spice rack is good for medium to large kitchens. Though it is a bit costly than ones with metal shelves, good construction quality and craftsmanship make it worth investing.

The beige color wooden top blends in perfectly with the bottom. Speaking of wood, the unit is made of MDF, bamboo, pinewood, and particleboard. Thus, each material is chosen for a specific area to cut the manufacturing cost as well as provide you with quality furniture that will last for years of use.

For example, the surface is made of natural bamboo that is both waterproof and moisture-proof. You can simply wipe clean the surface with a clean cotton cloth to remove any dirt or water.

Yaheetech kitchen cart with doors offers enclosed storage on the bottom with one shelf. This wooden shelf is adjustable to accommodate tall or short items. Then there is a drawer on the top that is ideal for keeping cutlery, chopsticks, and mini gadgets. Plus, you get a spice rack on the side to keep essential cooking spices like red pepper, garlic powder, ground cumin, etc.

Our Verdict


  • Impressive weight carrying capacity(99 lbs) of top bamboo shelve is perfect for keeping your large microwave
  • 4 heavy-duty industrial caster wheels can swivel 360° and two of them are lockable
  • Spice rack on one side and towel holder on the other
  • Can be used as a portable kitchen island
  • Features 3 adjustable shelf heights to store various pantry items
  • Best rated wooden kitchen cart with storage


  • Assembly takes a lot of time
  • Corners are not rounded

Key Features:

  • 26″L x 18″W x 36″H
  • Bamboo top
  • 1 drawer + 1 cabinet
  • 1 spice rack + 1 towel holder
  • Industrial-grade casters
  • Weighs 50.5 pounds

7) Topfurny Kitchen Microwave Cart, 3-Tier

Topfurny Kitchen Baker's Rack, Microwave Cart

Buyers often fall for a low-price tag of some products and then regret buying a flimsy product. And it is simply not okay to see your hard-earned money go in vain. So we’ve picked Topfurny 3-tier baker’s rack that is both durable and under $100. Although the price might still be out of budget for some people, the quality is what makes it worth buying. You’ll not have to look for a replacement any sooner.

Sturdy top wooden shelve can hold a maximum of 55 lbs of static weight. Therefore, your large, heavy microwave ovens are safe to keep on this tabletop. And below are two metal mesh shelves with 15 lbs weight carrying capacity each. Thus, good for keeping glass bottles, heavy jars, and containers.

I personally liked the mesh design of shelves that can hold both small and large items easily. Unlike large wireframes, you do not need to think twice about storing small bottles or instant spice sachets. In fact, you can also keep cutlery right on the metal shelve and it will stay put.

Construction-wise, the unit is perfect for buyers who prioritize quality over cost. Made of high-quality resistant vintage P2 MDF board, it is both durable and easy to maintain. Simply wipe clean the surface with a clean damp cloth to remove dirt or debris. Besides, the wood is finished with a waterproof, anti-scratch coating that protects the surface from everyday wear and tear.

Our Verdict


  • 3-tier structure with wooden top and 2 mesh metal shelves
  • Numbered parts along with detailed instruction ease assembling the cart
  • Movable hooks on the side
  • ‘X’-design ensures more support and durability
  • The top wooden board is made of high-quality resistant vintage P2 MDF material with a smooth, waterproof and anti-scratch
  • Includes tools for putting the parts together easily
  • Best looking microwave rolling cart under $100


  • Sharp corners

Key Features:

  • 23.8″L x 15.8″W x 28.5″H
  • 3-tier structure
  • Wooden top
  • X-shaped metal frame
  • 4 flexible wheels
  • Weighs 66.6 pounds
  • 2-year warranty

8) YAHEETECH Rolling Kitchen Cart with Drawer

YAHEETECH Rolling Kitchen Cart

Looking for a beautiful storage cart for the idle floor space of your home? Then Yaheetech has a perfect product. This small wooden rolling cart with enclosed storage is an excellent way to fill up the empty space of your home, plus, you get an extra storage area.

The modern kitchen cart features a wooden top made of rubberwood. The use of rubberwood in the making of butcher blocks is one of the key reasons to list this product in the best microwave kitchen cart reviews. Rubberwood is more durable, plus, it won’t harm your health or your pet’s health.

The unique design of this small rolling cart has all you want. It has enclosed storage, open space, a sliding drawer, and a top-shelf that you can use as a butcher block or for keeping a microwave. While the top is made of rubberwood, the legs are made from 100% natural pine that ensures overall stability and durability.

Magnetic closure ensures the door closes firm and remains in place. Thus, you’ll not experience wobbling or unwanted opening unless opened externally. This makes the small storage cabinet safe to use around pets.

Our Verdict


  • Kitchen cart top is made of rubberwood and rubber veneer that is more durable than MDF material
  • Features 4 smooth-rolling caster with 360-degree swivel
  • Slide-out drawer under the top with a weight holding capacity of 8 lbs is perfect for storing small gadgets
  • An open area in middle can be used for decoration or storing expensive dinner plates
  • The package comes with detailed instructions to help with easy assembly
  • Best small kitchen island with multipurpose storage


  • It might take 2-3 hours to assemble the cart
  • Available in single color only

Key Features:

  • 22″L x 18″W x 35″H
  • Rubberwood countertop
  • 3 fixed hooks
  • Four 360° swivel wheels
  • Magnetic door catch
  • Weighs 27.5 pounds

9) South Shore Axess Microwave Cart on Wheels

South Shore Axess Microwave Cart on Wheels-Pure Black

Nowadays modular kitchens are made with a singular color and if you’re looking for solid-colored furniture that blends with your existing furniture well then you will like the South Shore black microwave cart. Constructed of non-toxic laminated particleboard, the furniture meets or exceeds all North American safety standards.

The clean design of the rolling cart is perfect not only for kitchen use but you can also use it in your bedroom, dining room, or office. Also, the top of this 2-door storage cart can hold up to 40 lbs. Thus, enough to keep a big, heavy microwave, printer, coffee machine, or other kitchen appliance.

Shiny chrome hardware complements the black microwave cart well. Also, you get plenty of stage space in terms of a top-shelf, a spacious drawer, an open space, and one adjustable shelve separated by 2 doors. Thus, you can store all the microwave essentials in the storage compartment below.

Our Verdict


  • A pure black cart that blends with a variety of room decors
  • Durable wooden construction with shiny metal hardware
  • Made in North America with non-toxic laminated particleboard
  • 4 colors options; Black, Chocolate, White, and Royal Cherry
  • Backed by an impressive warranty period of five years
  • Best portable microwave cart with doors


  • Does not include tools and accessories
  • Vague instructions make assembly pretty tricky

Key Features:

  • 19.75″L x 26″W x 27.25″ H
  • Wooden construction
  • 1 drawer + 1 open space
  • 4 wheels
  • Weighs 55 pounds
  • 5-year limited warranty

10) TUFFIOM 3-Tier Rolling Kitchen Microwave Cart

TUFFIOM 3-Tier Kitchen Microwave Cart

Flexibility to choose between wheels or fixed legs is one of the perks of owning a portable microwave cart. And you get this flexible option with a Tuffion 3-tier kitchen cart. The unit features 4 smooth-rolling casters that instead of heavy-duty plastic are made of rubber material. The good part about using rubber is it does not scratch laminate floor or tile and also moves quietly.

And if you do not want casters in the future, simply remove them and install the included metal legs. Installing legs will convert the portable cart into stationary furniture which is good for keeping expensive appliances like microwave, coffee machine, toaster oven, etc.

While the top is made of MDF wood, the frame is constructed of steel. The wooden top can hold weight up to 40 lbs while 2 metal mesh shelves can bear 15 pounds of weight each. The tiny mesh design of shelves holds small items very well. They give you the confidence to keep fruits like bananas, oranges, cherries, without the use of any basket.

The box comes with hardware to put the parts together. Note that it comes along with silver hardware and not a black one. However, many people find out odd to put silver hardware on a black powder-coated frame as they feel like the screws and bolts get into the eye. However, you can paint the bolts black if they bother you.

Our Verdict


  • Equip the cart with fixed feet or moving casters, as you wish
  • Features 2 mesh metal shelves with 15 lb weight capacity each
  • The heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame is corrosion and rust-resistant
  • Durable MDF material has a smooth surface and is anti-scratch and anti-skidding
  • Good to use in various rooms like bedroom, living room, studio, office, etc
  • Good quality DIY microwave cart for small spaces


  • Terrible assembly instructions
  • Comes with silver hardware and not black

Key Features:

  • 23.6″L x 15.7″W x 30.7″H
  • 3-tier
  • MDF wooden top shelf
  • Heavy-duty metal shelves
  • 4 wheels + 4 adjuster feet
  • Weighs 20.55 pounds

How to select the best microwave cart?

Yes, I agree picking the right microwave cart can be a lot as there are a lot of options. But there are a few things to keep in mind while buying a new one. This will only help you sort down the list and pick the best out of the rest.

Stand Type

If you’ve read the reviews above, you must know by now that you get two stand options. There are microwave carts with movable wheels or fixed legs. Then there are some hybrid units that allow the installation of either wheels or adjustable legs. Portable microwave carts with wheels are much better than fixed legs if you’re planning to shift the unit daily. But if you’ve already decided permanent location for the new furniture then fixed legs will provide better stability than wheels.


The main purpose of buying a microwave kitchen cart is for extra storage. And here you get multiple options. There are single, 2-tier, 3-tier, and multiple-tier storage carts. Calculate your storage needs before buying a new kitchen cart as it will only help in better storage of appliances/tools, or other stuff.

Sturdy and Stable

Nobody likes to put their expensive microwave oven on a flimsy, wobbly cart. So it is important to focus on quality even if you have to spend a few extra bucks. And thankfully, there are many good microwave utility carts in the market that provides the durability and stability you seek.

Built Material

It is obvious that a microwave and coffee cart made from high-quality materials will surpass cheap materials. And if you’re looking for furniture to last for years then invest in a brand that offers quality construction, no matter wood or metal.


While casters ease movement of the cart, the same wheels are responsible for instability in absence of a proper lever. And if you’re planning to use the microwave cart on wheels then the wheels should have quality locks on them to keep the unit steady in place.

Easy To Clean

A microwave kitchen cart does not require daily cleaning. But of course, you should not neglect the dust and debris getting accumulated on its surface. Most wooden portable carts are safe to wipe clean with a damp cotton cloth while you can dust off the metal stand with a dry clean cloth. Either way, it is easy to clean the microwave rolling cart.

Best Places to Put Microwave Cart in Your kitchen

Alright, so you have made up your mind to buy a new microwave cart but have not been able to decide the right location? Yeah, it kind of happens. So below are a few tips on where you can keep your microwave cart.

  • One good location to keep the rolling cart is where your kitchen countertop ends. In fact, you can buy a microwave and coffee stand that matches the height of your counter for flawless aesthetics.
  • Or you can place the furniture against the empty wall of your kitchen. Utilize the space by adding the right storage furniture.
  • If you got a kitchen island then you can keep a small microwave cart on the sidewall of the island. This eases access to the appliance as well as you get some extra storage space beneath.

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A convenient way to increase storage space in style is by investing in a good microwave cart. They are affordable, helpful, and versatile. Not only to increase kitchen storage but you can also use a rolling kitchen cart in the bedroom, living room, or home office. And now that you’ve got a list of the best microwave carts do let us know which product did you pick for your kitchen? Rolling, stand-still, or hybrid?