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Step into any supermarket and you can easily get any type of flour you need. But little that you know, many big flour brands hide the additives so smartly that it becomes difficult for people like us to identify the substance and its long term side effects. Eventually, the additives trigger allergies or sometimes cause serious health complications. So instead of searching for the right store-bought flour, get the best wheat mill grinder for home.

For ages, people have been grinding their own wheat, pulses, legumes, etc at home. Home grain milling is still famous in many parts of Asia as the people there believe home ground grain holds more nutritional value than that of the factory-made. And it is indeed true. If you love baking then you might know how important is to use fresh ingredients to make flavorful, soft bread.

While it might be hard for you to find a local grain grinding mill, you can easily grind grains at home using the best mill grinder. The modern day’s home mill grinders are compact, quiet, and easy to use. From small countertop wheat grinder to large capacity grain grinder, you can find various models in the market today.

Best Wheat Mill Grinder For Home

Not only for wheat, but you can use a good quality flour mill grinder to grind various types of grains, rice, pulses, corn, and even berries. And thanks to electric wheat mill grinders that gives you a good quantity of flour in minutes without any elbow grease.

Best Mill Grinder for Wheat

Begin healthy eating, make flavorful bread, delicious taco shells, and much more with the help of the best wheat mill grinder. Go through the mill grinder reviews below to find out which model suits your needs the best.

1) NutriMill Classic High-Speed Grain/Flour Mill

NutriMill Classic High-Speed Grain:Flour Mill

Don’t let the most nutritious part of wheat kernel go away by buying the store-bought packet when you can easily grind your own wheat at home using NutriMill Classic high-speed grain mill. NutriMill is one of the best-selling home mill grinders for years and credit goes to its excellent performance and user-friendly design.

NutriMill Classic features a 10 Amp, 1-3/4 motor that quickly produces flour. Besides, the high-speed impact mill is designed to mill high volumes of grain as quickly as 5 cups per minute. You’ll not have to wait for hours to get started with your home bakery session with NutriMill Classic.

In addition to quick milling, NutriMill classic offers an adjustable motor speed that lets you produce your choice of fine, medium, or coarse flour. From soft Indian flatbread to the coarse corn pizza base, you can try making a lot of recipes with this machine by side.

And no matter what milling thickness you set, the machine keeps the flour temperature at about 118º. Thanks to surgical stainless steel microburst milling heads that maintain an ideal milling temperature and protect the nutritional value of grain and original flavor.

Our Verdict


  • Multi-channel air flow for improved motor cooling
  • Ergonomic knobs to start milling and set flour thickness
  • A high-speed motor can mill up to 5 cups of grain per minute
  • Mills flour at an ideal temperature to preserve nutrients
  • Includes grain hopper extension, air filter, and a separator cup
  • Best electric home mill grinder for wheat, beans, lentils, rice, etc
  • NutriMill’s unique force flow sound/air chamber design results in up to 50% less noise


  • Not suitable to use for herbs, spices, and oily seeds
  • The bowl lid might be difficult to remove but its secure fit is what prevents the flour from ruining your countertop space

Key Features:

  • 1200-watt motor
  • 1-3/4 HP
  • Adjustable motor speed
  • Stainless steel blades
  • 20-cup bowl capacity
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Weighs 13.92 pounds

2) Powerful Electric Grain Mill Grinder for Home and Professional Use

Powerful Electric Grain Mill Grinder for Home and Professional Use

While medium grind is good for making homemade bread, you’ll need to produce a superfine grind for baking pastry at home. And Wondermill electric mill grinder with the built-in party setting creates super fine flour that is on par with the store-bought ones. And with such super fine flour texture, you can bake soft pastries and even tiramisu.

Equipped with a 1250-watt motor, the powerful home grain mill grinder can produce a large quantity of flour in seconds. In fact, the powerful motor posses capacity to grind over 100 pounds of flour per hour without you having to deal with frequent clogging issues.

Apart from regular grains like wheat, corn, rice, etc, Windermill high-speed electric flour mill is ideal for grinding legumes, beans, and other small grains like quinoa and amaranth. However, you should avoid riding any oily seeds such as peanuts, sunflower seeds, etc, to avoid clogging.

You need to do a little assembly before using the machine. But do not worry as there are only 5 parts to put together to get the milling start. Besides, there are no complicated settings or switches to set/press before milling the flour. Just set the unit correctly and perform up to 10 hours of nonstop milling without overheating issues.

Our Verdict


  • The powerful motor can handle 100 pounds of milling per hour without overheating
  • Surgical stainless steel burr blades are self-cleaning as well as permanently lubricated
  • Includes a 12-cup flour canister, receiving lid, and a storage lid
  • BPA-free plastic material
  • You can use an optional adapter to limit the flow of hard beans for better milling and less clogging
  • UL, CSA(Canada), and CE(European Union) certified
  • Best wheat flour mill grinder for home use
  • Features an easy-clean cyclo-canister and filtration tube that catches ground flour for dust-free milling


  • Requires a little assembly
  • Small parts are a bit difficult to clean

Key Features:

  • 1250-watt motor
  • 3 knob settings
  • 8-cup hopper capacity
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Weighs 10.38 pounds

3) CGOLDENWALL Safety Upgraded Electric Grain Grinder Mill For Wheat

CGOLDENWALL 700g Safety Upgraded Electric Grain Grinder Mill

The right use of spices results in a mouthwatering recipe. And just like home-milled wheat, many individuals prefer grinding spices at home for health reasons as well as to bring out the best flavors in a dish. And Cgoldenwall upgraded electric high-speed spice grinder lets you grind different types of spices like fennel, star anise, pepper, cinnamon, dried red chilies, etc at home.

Thanks to its sturdy high-speed rotation blades that turn solid spices into fine powder in seconds. Besides spices, you can also add dried grains such as corn, soy, rice, barley, oats, rye, wheat, etc. Once the ingredient is milled, simply tilt the unit on one side and pour out the powder conveniently.

Besides powerful grinding, Cgoldenwall commercial-grade home mill grinder’s design has excellent provision for user-safely. For example, the machine will stop automatically when you open the lid in between grinding. Plus, it features an air overload protection button.

This button is to be pressed gently in case the machine stops working. The button ensures recovery of the motor to ensures smooth grinding and consistent texture. Speaking of texture, you can grind ingredients from 70-300 mesh for baking pastry, preparing pizza dough, and grinding medicines at home.

Our Verdict


  • High-speed rotation blade takes only 30 seconds to grind normal grains into 70 to 300 mesh superfine powder
  • The stainless steel canister is ideal to grind various grains, spices, and herbs
  • 2 induction switches on both sides ensure the lid remains closed tightly in place
  • 270º swing type design improvises grinding as well as eases pouring powder
  • Thick copper wiring on the motor for fast speed and better grinding
  • The lid is firmly locked to avoid powder leakage during operation
  • Best commercial-grade high-speed spice grinder for home and small restaurant use
  • Comes with 1x spare blade, 1x carbon brush, and 2x powder brush


  • Bulky design: will take up good countertop space
  • Cleaning is difficult because of its design

Key Features:

  • 1500W motor
  • 28000 RPM
  • Commercial motor
  • Overload protection button
  • 1-year warranty
  • Weighs 11.2 pounds

4) Homend High Speed Electric Grain Mill Grinder Powder Machine

Homend Electric Grain Mill Grinder Powder Machine

If you’re afraid to add wheat in a plastic hopper then Homend stainless steel herb spice grinder is perfect for you. Made of food-grade stainless steel material, this commercial-grade home grain mill is tough, durable, and all-safe to use. You’ll not have to worry about toxic chemicals mixing into your homemade flour while milling.

In addition to a food-grade grinding jar, Homend electric grain mill grinder features a metal motor blade. This tough stainless steel blade is wear-resistant, stable, and well-balanced to maintain the evenness of grinding. You can also remove the blades for cleaning them thoroughly.

In case, the blades stop rotating in between grinding, simply use the screwdriver to fix it. Rotate the blade counterclockwise to loosen the hexscrews of the blade. Remove the stuck powder with the help of a brush and tight the blade again for flawless grinding. Do not immerse the blade in water as it can dull its edges and result in uneven milling.

Do not worry if one blade goes dull after months of use as Homend electric home wheat mill provides a replacement blade. You can easily carry out blade replacement within minutes with the right use of tools.

Our Verdict


  • Great to use for grinding Chinese herbs, hard grains, beans, legumes, spices, etc
  • Food-grade stainless steel material is all safe to use
  • High-speed rotating blade provides 70-300 mesh in seconds
  • Professional leakproof design
  • Elastic adjustment nut
  • A food-grade silicone seal prevents fine powder from coming off the jar
  • Best electric grain mill with buckle structure to ensure good sealing
  • One-direction, circular grinding for precise grinding


  • Do not use water to clean its parts or blade
  • Lacks some safety features

Key Features:

  • 2500 W rated power
  • 60 Hz frequency
  • 36000 RPM
  • 700g capacity
  • 3-layer stainless steel blades
  • Weighs 7.39 pounds

5) Roots & Branches Deluxe Grain Mill, small, Silver

Roots & Branches Deluxe Grain Mill

A baking enthusiast understands how important it is to use freshly ground flour to bring out the best flavor in the bread. Using an electric grain grinder to make homemade bread might not be the first choice of many bakers as the machine gets warm after a certain time that might affect the quality of the bread or might interfere with the baking process.

So instead of an electric model, get Roots and Branches Deluxe hand grain mill that is perfect for bread. This small yet effective home mill features a large capacity hopper that can hold up to 4-1/2 cups of grain at a time. And the best part is you can fill the hopper up to the rim without worrying about clogging.

For better grinding, this manual grain mill is equipped with a mounting clamp. This clamp attaches to stable surfaces from 1/2 to 2 inches thick so you can rotate the hand crank flawlessly. Speaking of the crank, the hand crank is completely removable and replaceable with a compatible grain mill motor for easy electric grinding.

Just like electric units, the Delux hand grain mill offers variable flour thickness. An adjustable knob dial on the front lets you adjust from coarse for cracked grains to fine for bread quality flour. And the best part is you can carry the small grain mill anywhere with you for instant milling.

Our Verdict


  • Durable stainless steel milling cone
  • Adjustable from fine to coarse thickness by adjusting the front knob
  • Clamp the hand wheat grinder to any count up to 2 inches thick
  • Besides wheat, the manual grain grinder mill is ideal to use for rice, quinoa, barley, millet, and other non-oily grains
  • Best hand wheat mill grinder
  • Highly portable
  • You can remove the hand crank completely and replace it with the grain mill motor for electric operation


  • For grinding small batches at a time only
  • Not ideal to use with beans or large hard grains

Key Features:

  • Circular milling cone
  • Sturdy clamp
  • Adjustable knob
  • Removable hand crank
  • 4-1/2-cup hopper capacity
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Weighs 3.3 pounds

6) Mockmill 100 Stone Grain Mill for Wheat by Wolfgang Mock

Mockmill 100 Stone Grain Mill by Wolfgang Mock

Wheat is a common and staple grain in many parts of the world. Many dishes are impossible to make without using wheat flour. And if your family also consumes wheat flour prominently then it’s time to buy a Mockmill stone grain mill that makes healthy whole grain and gluten-free flours.

Instead of metal blades, Mockmill is equipped with corundum-ceramic millstones. These stones are harder than granite and result in the precise grinding of wheat every time. Also, milling of grain between stone preserves its authentic flavor and nutrients that are lost when the temperature gets hot in a steel grinder jar.

Convenient on/off switch on the bottom turns the motor on/off on press. Besides, you can easily adjust the thickness by adjusting the lever on the front. While the user-friendly functions of the electric wheat grinding machine ease milling, its clean design looks well on the kitchen countertop.

The German-engineered wheat grinder features a unique “elevated airflow” design to keep the motor cool. Other than that, the machine is self-cleaning. But you can also disassemble the parts for thorough cleaning. Unlike vertical steel grinders, you do not need any tools to remove the parts of this stone mill grinder for wheat.

Our Verdict


  • Made in Germany
  • Compact, countertop-friendly design
  • Equipped with corundum-ceramic grinding stones that are very much similar to traditional-style wheat milling
  • Push-button, foolproof fineness adjustment
  • Clean casing made from renewable natural plant-based fibers
  • No-mess delivery spout to avoid messy powder issues
  • Best stone wheat mill grinder for both wheat-based and gluten-free grains
  • Unique start-sculpted design for precise grinding of extremely fine flour


  • Expensive due to use of stone burrs

Key Features:

  • 1100 RPM
  • Corundum-ceramic grinding stones
  • Adjustable fineness
  • Self-cleaning
  • 1100 g hopper capacity
  • 6-year warranty
  • Weighs 14.77 pounds

7) Northern Brewer – Hullwrecker 2-Roller Grain Mill with Metal Base and Handle

Northern Brewer - Hullwrecker 2-Roller Grain Mill

Do not depend on store-bought packed flour when you can grind grains easily with Northern Brewer hand grain mill. This sturdy, heavy-duty, metal hand mill is great for grinding wheat and other various soft-grains like rice, rye, barley, etc.

Instead of a plastic hopper, Northern Brewer hand wheat grinder mill offers a large steel hopper. Besides, you can fit up to 7 lbs of grain at once in the hopper for consistent grinding. The sealed roller bearings and ergonomic comfort grip crank handle let you grind wheat grains comfortably without straining your arm and wrist.

You can adjust the roller gap from 0.025″ to 0.1″ to finely tune the crush to your extract preference. While the extraction thickness is not too wide but is good enough to grind basic flour at home effortlessly.

Do not let the only hopper and crankshaft design confuse you with the extract collection. The Northern Brewer custom-design all-metal base fits perfectly on any standard 5 or 6.5-gallon bucket. This helps to collect all the flour in the bucket with a less dusty mess.

Our Verdict


  • Large capacity hopper lets you grind a good quantity of grain at a time
  • Ergonomic crank handle with rubberized comfort grip
  • Custom designed metal base to fit on standard 5 or 6.5-gallon plastic bucket
  • Adjustable roller gap
  • Can be used with the included of crank handle or electric drill(buy separately)
  • Best heavy-duty hand mill grinder for wheat
  • Portable wheat mill for fresh flour extraction on the go


  • A bit heavy for some buyers
  • Assembling the unit might take some time due to small nuts and screws

Key Features:

  • Sealed ball bearing
  • 7 lb hopper capacity
  • Heavy-duty metal base
  • Crank handle
  • Weighs 10.03 pounds

How much flour do you get from grinding 1kg wheat?

Wheat grains have moisture inside them and collectively they do hold weight when you weigh them on a 1 kg scale. So whenever you will collect the wheat flour it will be lighter by 50-100 grams per KG.

However, that won’t be the case every time, as the moisture is lost during the heat generated during the mill grinding process. So if your wheat grains are already way too dried or hold less moisture inside then you might get even more flour in volume but definitely not in weight.

What other things this mill grinder can grind?

Do not go by the name wheat mill grinder as apart from wheat a good quality home mill grinder can grind many ingredients. Below is a list of common ingredients that you can use in a home mill.

  • Rice
  • Rye
  • Barley
  • Buckwheat
  • Millet
  • Oats
  • Corn
  • A variety of pulses & grains

Some units also allow grinding of spices like star anise, dried red chilies, root turmeric, fennel, cinnamon, etc. Plus, you can also grind Chinese herbs in some grinding jars to make ancient homemade medicines. However, it is important to note that not all home mill grinders allow the use of herbs, spices, and other wet grains.


Food allergies are not new and eating the wrong food might worsen the allergy. But not all countries today have a local mill where you can ask for fresh ground. Fresh ground flour holds many health benefits as well as holds natural aroma. But now you’ll not have to switch flour brands or search for a local mill when you can grind grains at home easily using the best wheat mill grinder. These machines are easy to use, effective, and versatile.

Apart from wheat, you can use a good quality mill grinder for grinding rice, barley, rye, beans, legumes, berries. While some units also allow griding of oily ingredients like peanuts, sunflower seeds, fennel, etc. So it’s time to switch to healthy eating by griding your own grains at home with a home grain mill grinder.


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